Sick moment animal rights activists faux to barbecue a DOG within the middle of Sydney – terrific young youngsters passing by

Schoolchildren are left traumatized when animal activists sham to barbecue a faux dog within the middle of 1 of Australia’s busiest thoroughfares.

The stunt was meted out by the folks for the Moral Treatment of Animals (PETA) at Pitt Street Mall within the center of Sydney on Thursday.

PETA was complaintive the ingestion of meat, asking the public: ‘If you would not eat a dog, why to eat a lamb?’

‘Go vegan!’ a signal on the barbecue browse.

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The prop dog was seen lying on the barbecue on the face of it being grilled aboard corn, onions, and mushrooms.

‘The plan of roasting dogs justifiedly causes outrage amongst Australians. Meanwhile, uncountable alternative equally sensitive and intelligent animals area unit forced to endure horrific suffering once they are bred, raised and killed for the meat trade,’ the organization aforesaid in an exceeding statement.

‘Anyone who’s repulsed by the prospect of chowing down on dog meat ought to question the incompatibility of their compassion towards alternative animals.

‘As humans, we tend to instinctively feel compassion and sympathy for animals, however, we’re tutored that it’s alright to subjugate and eat a number of them, while not an afterthought on United Nations agency they’re as people.’

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One person tweeted that the stunt upset children who were on school holiday outings in the city

‘PETA stopping (sic) to new lows with their stunt in Martin Place nowadays – terrific kids on college vacation outings by roasting (a terribly lifelike) dog. I saw some visibly upset youngsters,’ one person tweeted

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