The richest cats in the world have inherited their owners

1.Tomaso Cat

Cat Tomaso was transformed from a homeless cat to the richest in the world. Tomaso’s tale is like a joke. While stray cats lived in the streets of Rome, the famous real estate owner, Maria Asonata, adopted the cat.
After 2011, she left all of her property, valued at 13 million dollars, for the cat, which she considered to be one of her children, thus becoming one of the richest cats in the world and one of the richest animals in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

2. Cat Tara

Cat Tara, nicknamed the “Cat Hero”, has become an annual winner of the brand
Tara has gained fame worldwide after her heroic work to save her 4-year-old daughter from an aggressive dog attack in California. Since then, her owner has decided to repay the cat by identifying her gain from selling brands Which are estimated at about one million dollars of annual revenue.

3. Cat Blackie

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Cat Blackie is one of the richest cats in the world after inheriting an estimated 13 million dollar revolution following the death of his owner, who left his money in appreciation of his love for him in 1988.
4. Angry cat

The cat is considered angry Which gives its appearance this gloomy form, is one of the most popular pets, according to money. He registered his own brand.
He starred in Grumpy Cat’s Worth, an Angry Cat valued from 1 million dollars to 100 million dollars.
5. Jerry Cat

And recently the cat Jerry, who inherited from his owner 30 thousand euros and was her will to her family take care of him.
  According to a newspaper, “La Stampa” was the owner of this cat all her life and made him an heir to her legitimate to secure a life of dignity after her death, and asked her family to take care of him and not skimp treatment at any cost, and to sell jewelry for him if necessary

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