Harry Potter Twitter Feed Tells Us Wizards Pooped On The Floor

Harry Potter has been pretty distinctive in however it tends to grow the cognitive content in strange very little tidbits once the ultimate book has been free over a decade agone. the foremost noted example is, of course, when J.K. Rowling unconcealed that Dumbledore was gay, an indisputable fact that most likely would have carried additional weight if it absolutely was enclosed within the massively standard series printed at the peak of the talk over the legalisation of a gay wedding. And currently an additional perturbing little of world-building has come back to North American nation from the official @Pottermore account, explaining to North American nation that wizards haven’t forever had plumbing, and enclosed it to appease Muggle guests. In fact, what wizards attended neutralise terms of waste is seemingly poop on the ground so create is disappear victimization their powers.

So for those of you WHO wished a Harry Potter sequel, here we tend to area unit. Harry Potter’s father most likely shit on the bottom left and right before his lovely romance with liliaceous plant Potter, another one who 100 per cent shit on the bottom so created her shit disappear

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