6 Foods that are avoided completely after exercise

We practice sport to get the body is not svelte by Atralat, and to stimulate blood circulation in the body as well, as the sport rid the body of toxins.

Whatever the place where you practice sports, whether at home or at the club, it is important that before you exercise well, you need to have a snack to help with the activity, not feeling dizzy, drinking water to feel thirsty, and even happy to do the exercises.

Crisps and salted foods

You will need any salty food to eat after exercise, because the body has lost water through excessive sweat during exercise. As well as mineral salts, including potassium. You turn to salted foods and fast food , as a quick solution. They are also full of fats and starches. You will not achieve the goal of the sport. Eat healthy foods rich in potassium, such as bananas and dried fruit instead of fast food that increases weight.

raw vegetables

Eating raw or steamed vegetables is recommended as a good health food, but it can not compensate for the vitamins and minerals that your body needs after exercise, so do not take them alone in your meal after exercise, but make them part of your meal.

fatty foods

It is strictly forbidden to eat fatty foods no matter what the reasons. Such as fast food, fried foods and rich in oils or butter. Most women think they can easily burn these foods. But this is very difficult and eating these foods wasted effort in the exercise. Because these foods simply increase the cholesterol level in the blood, reduce the production of glycogen needed by the muscles and liver. Thus threatening you with heart disease. Avoid eating fatty foods after exercise.

Cut sweets and chocolates

Candy and chocolate are fast foods that provide us with the energy and sugars necessary for the state of hunger, which we have after exercise. But these foods are recommended before exercise to provide energy, not after exercise. But if you take it after the exercise with a large number of sugars, all the effort you have made will be useless. The sugars and chocolates that you eat will act as a stimulant for the mind, causing insomnia, difficulty sleeping, feeling tired and tired, and you think exercise is the cause.

Pastries and Bakery

These foods are taken quickly to give a sense of fullness and fullness for long periods of time after exercise, so we may not eat lunch with appetite and in the right amount. Also eating pastries does not compensate the body for the glycogen necessary for the muscles, and mineral salts lost during the exercise. So do not be taken after the exercise, such as pizza, for example, preferably eating some grains of dried fruit with brown bread and yogurt.

chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is a beverage that contains a huge amount of calories. Milk is very useful for the body besides chocolate. As this drink contributes to improving memory, rid the body of toxins and a sense of happiness. However, this drink harms the teeth. Also, the body is not allowed to benefit from calories burned during the exercise. So you should take this drink before exercise, to take advantage of the nutrients, and to ensure burning calories

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