Halloween sequel reportedly scores ScottTeems

People of Haddonfield and fans across the globe, beware. Michael Myers is creating a comeback.

According to a recent story printed by a particle accelerator, Universal photos, and Blumhouse Productions area unit popping out a sequel to director David Gordon Green’s Halloween bring up, having reportedly tapped Scott Teems (who is ready to write down the Firestarter remake) as the film’s author.

Teems is alleged to possess completed the story as of early Gregorian calendar month, and Universal and Blumhouse area unit happy with the direction he selected to require the action into. Citing multiple sources near to the Halloween sequel, particle accelerator relayed that the follow-up flick is supported the “well-liked treatment Teems has already written.”

Another intriguing bit of Halloween 2-related news? The forged of the 2018 refresh area unit aforementioned to come back for the new flick. This includes Jamie Lee William Curtis as Laurie Strode; Judy Greer as Laurie’s girl, Karen; and Andi Matichak as Laurie’s grandchild, Allyson.

The 3 ladies got snarled in a very battle for the ages against Laurie’s brother, the disguised crook Michael Myers, at the top of Halloween, that saw Laurie entice Michael within the basement of her house and so set the whole place blazing. Narrowly escaping death, the ladies hitch a ride within the back of a motortruck Associate in a Nursing rush an unconscious Laurie to the hospital. The theatrical cut of the slasher pic wrapped on an effort of Laurie’s burning house, with Michael missing and probably dead. Had the film really terminated there, Laurie would have gotten closure and her story that started in John Carpenter’s original day from 1978would have to return full circle. But Halloween really unbroken going when the credits wrapped, once viewers detected the sound of Michael’s labored breathing – a proof that he might still be alive.

Collider additionally noted that producer Jason Blum is anticipated to board the sequel, Universal can once more distribute, Bill Block of Miramax and veteran Halloween franchise manufacturer Malek Akkad can produce with Blum, and Gordon inexperienced and Halloween bring up co-writer Danny McBride ought to government manufacture aboard Carpenter and William Curtis. No word nevertheless on whether or not Gordon inexperienced can fall back the helm to direct.

Neither studio commented on Teems’ rumored involvement with the day sequel, that actors might or might not be reprising their roles or the opposite creatives that might board. Since Collider features a sterling chronicle with exclusive news breaks and has traditionally delivered information that’s later confirmed by those directly committed film and tv comes, we have a tendency to feel snug taking the report as truth.

Teems looks a solid selection for the Halloween sequel, as he has expertise not solely as an author however additionally as a director and producer. His credits embrace leading the documentaries Holbrook/Twain: Associate in Nursing Yankee Odyssey and The Network result that includes Dr. Steven Shepard as well as 2 episodes (“Girl Jesus” and “Pineapples in Paris”) of the tv series Rectify; writing the shorts Root. and A Death within the Woods, verbal creation the script for That Evening Sun, operating as an author and story editor on twelve episodes of Rectify; and writing the 2018 episode of Narcos: the United Mexican States entitled “Rafa, Rafa, Rafa!” Teems additionally created many installments of Rectify and Narcos: the United Mexican States, and also the documentary short Interpreting deuce.

Additionally, Teems’ expertise with the horror genre ought to inspire confidence in those interested in the writer’s ability to create one thing worthy out of the Halloween sequel. Teems wrote the script for the remake of Sir Leslie Stephen King’s Firestarter, directed by Goodbye Berlin and In the Fade’s Fatih Akin, and adapted The respiration methodology (another King work) for Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson.

It’s sensible to understand that Universal and Blumhouse area unit apparently happy with what Teems has already finished the Halloween sequel story, particularly since the plot might take all kinds of twists and turns. thespian William Curtis once noted that she would be right down to come back to the franchise for an additional installment, however, she is not certain if Laurie would have an area in it.

“I haven’t any plan at now, today, I even have no plan. I’d build Associate in Nursing assumption that, if David Gordon inexperienced features a story to inform, that the individuals committed the picture show would encourage him to inform it,” she told Entertainment Weekly in December of 2018. “David was an incredible director, writer, however clearly this 2018, fortieth day of remembrance, was Laurie’s story, and clearly their area unit currently alternative people’s stories that might have to be compelled to get told. however Laurie’s story was told fantastically this year, and that I would haven’t any means of knowing however they’d incorporate her into future.”

Could this mean the Halloween sequel can pass the torch to Allyson and position her because of the new scream queen of the series? solely time can tell

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